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Covid Safety

  • Feeling sick? Stay home and let a coach know.

  • In contact with someone Covid positive? Stay home and let a coach know.

  • Wear masks at all times during practice, including while riding.

  • Mask on properly (above the nose).

  • We remain socially distanced when we come to a stop as a group.


Bike Safety

  • A-B-C: Air, Brakes, Chain. Perform these quick checks every time before you load your bike for practice.

  • Fenders are helpful to keep yourself, your teammates and your bike less muddy.

  • Helmet strap tight enough that it can’t slip over your chin.

  • If something is not working right on your bike, let your coach and parents know.

  • Ride in control—we don’t want a trip to the emergency room during Covid.

  • If you have a mechanical problem, pull over and let a coach/Sweep know.

  • We stay together as a group at ALL times.

  • Never drop behind the Sweep.

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